Abigail Martinez

This is a animals Heading

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Basic HTML Table

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first name last name age
allen dat 5
tash smith 9
lilli lee 18
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animal types

animals all over

there are many animals around the worl the most that people like as pets are dogs.they chose dogs because they are graet asm pets and they are great as a good budie like a mans/womans bestfriend

whitch one i like more and why

Basic HTML Table


names of all the ones that i would name

Firstname Lastname Age
Jin Sith 5
elana Jacn 9
jooheon she 8

shih tzu

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come and addopt near you background-color: lightblue; color: black; padding: 40px; text-align: center; }

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My Header

french bull dogs

french bull dogs are originally come from paris there this dogs are good dogs most peoplle get them becouse they only grow to a sertin hight most of them are amall like a kat they dont grow that big they make a good house pet come and adopt near you


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