favorite bands



exo 3

winner 4

super jounior 5
vixx 6


i like these bands because u can conect with them trought the music in witch they say what they are telling u

but the band i like the most is bts why becouse they tell u a story and they conect more to me than any of the other bands.

the band

Hello World


This is a link

i connect with these bands when u may ask well for me its everyday u can connect with all of them iven if they are korean u can understand hwne u get to know the song better and when u reconice it u will then wkow who it will be u will reconice the group easly these song have change my life now i look at the world difrent and im not tat shy anymore because there songs tell me not to be shy they tell me to be strongand open to the worl and to love youreself even when u dont. This paragraph contains a lot of lines in the source code, but the browser ignores it.